Dark Trinity: [Spoilers!] Solo [Spoilers!]

I’m moving up the comic of the week back up, forgot to do it last time.

This week it’s Moon Knight #195, far and away. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the art in this series. It’s just too bright for Moon Knight. I think it was the same artist for the last arc.

Anyways, this is actually a promising new adventure for Marc Spector. Looks like he’s going to deal with some more mental issues. And somehow Max Bemis (the writer) has found a new, deranged way to push Marc’s mind to the brink. Very excited to see where this goes.

Another thing I’d like to start including it the cover of the week. That’s what draws me into new comics so often and I know I’m not alone in that. I’ll be sticking to DC and Marvel, since I read only a couple things outside of those two companies (Hellboy, some TMNT, starting on Spawn soon from the beginning).

You Are Deadpool #4, Hun For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #1 and Detective Comics #981 were all great, but I have to give this week to Flash #47 with the start of the Flash War. (Cover by Howard Porter)


Alright, now it’s time for the main event. I’ll say this before getting into spoilers: go see Solo. I won’t say if it was good or bad here, just go see it. You have to if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Alright, scroll no further unless you’ve already seen Solo!










Review time!


I expected absolutely nothing going into it. Started out pretty good. Then it got a little better. Then a bit more. And I swear it NEVER took a step back. The movie just got better and better. All the way until the end.

I’m still stunned by how good it was. I honestly wouldn’t mind another Solo movie, though I don’t think we’ll see another one…though that doesn’t mean we won’t see any of these characters in another movie…I’ll explain later.

This was a non-stop stream of cons, where we see Han not only earn his last name, but do everything he can for the person he loves most in life. Which backs why he’s so rough around the edges in Episodes IV-VI.

Great job with the plot. It was completely driven Han and felt like it was more a glimpse into his life than anything, not an outstanding random story. I like that. Very good choice for this movie.

Han was obviously an A. Different from the original, though he should be, but similar in all the right ways. Oh, and now we know what the hell the Kessel Run is and how Han made it in 12 parsecs!

Chewbacca was still spot on, which always shocks me.

Lando was GREAT, too. Love seeing them develop his character more. Funny, smart, a bit of a snake. Very entertaining.

They respected the old characters well.

I like what they did with Qi’ira. We knew she couldn’t be in Han’s life anymore, but they didn’t just kill her off. Which is why she’s one of the characters we should see again. (I’ll explain my theory in a bit.) She really is a survivor though. She loves Han, but after what happened when they were young, she has to watch herself and won’t let ANYONE get close. Very sad. Very well done.

Tobias Beckett was another work of art by Woody Harrelson. Not a good guy, but a guy you let in because he’s so cavalier. One cool twist on his character was he’s responsible for killing Aurra Sing. In case you missed the Clone Wars show from a few years back, she was a BAD ASS bounty hunter. She actually helped raise Bobba Fett after Jango died. We should be able to expect her in the Boba Fett film (Which was also confirmed last week, VERY excited about that). That could also mean we get a Cad Bane appearance. Trust me, he’s worth your time.

Dyrden Vos wasn’t a typical villain. Sure he was crazy and powerful, but due to the nature of Beckett and Kira, you were more focused on them double-crossing Han than Vos’s power. Because you already had an idea of what to expect from him, because he’s evil.

That’s pretty much the main cast.

Now there are two things I want to address.

1. There’s a rumor going around that Qi’ra is Rey’s mom? And somehow Han is her dad, too. At first I thought it was stupid. I still think it’s a stretch, but there’s some level of validity to it when you read this article. But I doubt the people at Disney make that connection.

2. More importantly…in fact the most important part of the movie, period…Darth Maul is ALIVE. Could not be more in love with this move. Homage to the comics and the Clone Wars show. And he is one of the two character that we’ll see in another movie.

Qi’ra and Darth Maul have now given us reason for an Obi-wan solo film. At first, it made no sense to give him his own spot. What’s he going to do as a hermit? Well now he has to fight Darth Maul, AGAIN. Slightly straying from the comics/show, but it works perfectly with the way the movies have unfolded.

Great, great move by Disney and the people at Lucas Film in a perfectly executed movie.

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