Seams Legit: Celtics looked terrible, LeBron may have broken his back carrying the Cavs, but can ESPN and Nick Wright PLEASE give the man some room to breathe

I may have dumped all over the refs on Twitter in — deservedly so — but anyone who’s watched a basketball game in their life knows the Celtics looked like TRASH in Game 7. Some guys stepped up, more choked. It happens.

Now you cut it out with the Kyrie Irving v. Terry Rozier comparisons, trade Rozier while his stock is up, sign back Marcus Smart and move on. Because they will compete with ANYONE when Kyrie and Gordon Hayward get back.


Anyways, enough of that. This is about the embarrassing night in the media.


First, there’s Jeff van Gundy and Mark Jackson.

Look, I know Sean McDonough lost his Monday Night Football spot for being objective and criticizing the NFL, but I don’t think anyone will get too upset if you say an official made a mistake. Or talk about LeBron making a bad play. Or giving the Celtics credit for going on a run and not saying how the Cavs are letting the game slip away.

Could’ve sworn this was a national broadcast.


Next there’s ESPN as a whole. Someone sent me this screenshot of an ESPN notification:

They also tweeted and image of the replay:

There’s not a shred of doubt in my mind that this was an AWFUL call by the official. Clearly a flop by Marcus Smart.


You know what else I’d like to see? A tweet with LeBron’s block on Rozier in the fourth quarter. That one where they basically high-fived each other. Can I make the call on that one, too?


This my be the tweet of the night though:

Dear ESPN,

You’ve essentially forsaken hockey. You made that choice. Don’t use it to somehow involve LeBron on the play.

Thank you,



And last there’s Nick Wright, who took a bath in the blood of everyone who doubted LeBron.

Listen pal, we get it, LeBron’s great.

And isn’t he stepping into Brian Windhorst territory with all this?

Good God, have some respect for yourself.

Seams Legit

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