Seams Legit: Jose Altuve lost it on Lance McCullers

I can’t remember the last time I saw a pitcher show up a fielder for making a mistake. Though I have a feeling John Lackey was somehow involved in the play.

Anyways, there’s generally nothing wrong with show emotion in the game, no matter how many old school baseball people will tell you otherwise. But what Lance McCullers did Saturday night after Yuli Gurriel committed an error was a little different.

It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a perfect game or getting lit up like Tim Lincecum after winning the World Series, you NEVER show up your guys.

In today’s game you’ll just get chirpped or maybe even isolated from everyone else after enough instances, but i know way back guys just flat out wouldn’t make plays for you. And I’m sure at some levels outside of MLB you’ll still find guys who botch plays on purpose or don’t give that extra effort for a guy who does what McCullers did.

Good for Jost Altuve. Always good to see there are some guys who lead with their voice and not just their play.

And I’ll give McCullers this, he owned his stuff with reporters, and according to him his teammates, after the game. Which further proves why this Astros organization is developing into an elite organization that is more than just a flash in the pan.

Seams Legit

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