Seams Legit: ESPN is bringing back Keith Olbermann AGAIN

I was too young to see Keith Olbermann’s first run with ESPN, so I have no idea if he was great or not back then. From the clips that I’ve seen, he seemed fine, nothing crazy.

And he was there in the heyday of SportsCenter, so there was certainly some level of nostalgia surrounding him, I would think, which helped lead to his return in 2013.

But neither of those ended well.

Olbermann comes across as fearless, and certainly tries to back it up, have to grant him that, but there’s a point where it becomes too much. And that’s how it is almost EVER TIME with this guy.

And his Olbermann show wasn’t all that good either, let’s be honest. I know it was like ESPN’s version of a late night show or whatever, maybe what they wanted was what they’ve ACTUALLY have now with Scott Van Pelt – I honestly couldn’t watch more that 5 minutes at a time so I can’t fully remember what the direction was.

So he’s not all that entertaining. Things have ended poorly with him twice. Oh! How could I forget, he’s IMMENSELY political.

I’m pretty sure ESPN’s whole thing now is it DOES NOT want it’s on-air personalities being political. If that’s still the case, hiring a guy that wrote a book titled Trump is F*cking Crazy might not be the best idea.

I give it 6 months before this goes up in flames again.

Seams Legit

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