Seams Legit: Yet another ugly end to an NBA playoff game

Pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I’m stunned that the Rockets are up 3-2 in this series.

But it Chris Paul is hurt that badly, there’s a good chance Golden State comes back to win this series.

Speaking of come backs, what in the hell happened in that last minute?

So Paul gets hurt, Warriors get a 1-on-1 and rush a shot for Quinn Cook, who bobble Draymond Green’s pass like three times in just one second.

Rockets don’t score. The Steph Curry takes this ugly runner/layup thing that I still can’t figure out, with James Harden hedging off a screen decently and P.J. Tucker flying towards Steph.

How’s that a good shot at that point in the game? I know it’s Steph, but I feel like he could get a better shot off.

Ph and I should mention the shot clock was off and the Warriors were down by 1. Now I’m no Steve Kerr, but I feel like the Warriors could’ve handled that opportunity a lot better.

Then after it gets to 96-94, Houston, Steph passes the ball to Draymond with 5.5 seconds left in the game and he DROPS THE PASS. The perfect way to end the last minute of a Western Conference Finals game.

You’ve got brutal endings in the West, and one-sided games in the East. Can’t wait to see what the Finals look like…

Seams Legit

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