Seams Legit: Tom Wilson destroyed Braydon Coburn

Wilson may deliver some cheap shots, but the dude is clearly capable of backing it up.

This may be recency bias, but I have never seen a hockey fight this one-sided. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of clear-cut wins, but I thin Coburn only gets 2 good shots in here and there were both body shots. Wilson had like 15 — to both the head and body — fell down, popped back up and knocked Coburn on his back.

And that hit that knocked Coburn’s helmet off?

So glad someone slowed this down and zoomed in. I don’t think we saw a hit that clean in Mayweather v. McGregor. Actually, I’m willing to be we saw more punches landed in this 30-second fight than that stupid match that was ONLY about fighting.

To think some people don’t enjoy this part of the game.

Seams Legit

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