Seams Legit: Chris Paul might want to rethink chirping at Draymond Green

This is not an anti-CP3 or Pro-Draymond post. This is about facts.

Draymond Green is an elite trash talker. He’s not afraid to get dirty either. Not chippy, straight dirty. And he will take it to the next level whenever he deems it fit.

So when Chris Paul makes the suggestion that he can’t hear Green talking smack, or whining or whatever the hell he’s saying, he needs to think twice about what he’s walking into.

I know Paul said something to Carmelo Anthony earlier in the year and something to Kevin Durant in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, but those guys are NOT Draymond.

Just a thought, might want to avoid making eye-contact with Draymond for the remainder of the series.


One other thing. Reggie Miller was commenting on the situation and spoke about Rajon Rondo and Draymond going at it earlier in the playoffs. He even said something to the effect of Rondo behaving a little out of character?

Um, what?

If there’s one guy in the league today that has the green light (pun not intended) to challenge Draymond’s verbal assaults it’s Rondo. Dude doesn’t give a damn if he own teammates like him that much, never mind the guys he’s playing against.

And he’s been chirping guys for YEARS.

Pay attention, Reggie.

Seams Legit

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