Seams Legit: Angel Hernandez continues to make new friends in Major League Baseball, most recently Corey Knebel and the Milwaukee Brewers

This is the one instance where I’d like someone to come up with someone to come up with a series on complicated statistics to explain how bad someone is. Not that I need that to know Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire in the game, it just seems like he and the Major League Baseball aren’t seeing that to be the case.

Although, I guess MLB is in a way given they don’t use him in the postseason. Which is why Hernandez sued them last year, though he claimed it was driven by racial discrimination and not his performance.

Anyways, this guy was at it again last night in Diamondbacks v. Brewers with Corey Knebel on for the save in the 9th:

And here’s the chart of that at-bat:

Pretty brutal miss. I know Knebel threw it glove-side when his catcher was set up arm-side, but that was clear as day a strike. NOT EVEN REMOTELY DEBATABLE.

(And the chart shows that pitch 4 and 7, the last pitch, were in the same spot, but pitch 4 was a foul ball. Otherwise that add a-whole-nother layer to the insanity.)

Knebel gets upset, Craig Counsell gets tossed and Hernandez will be back umpiring tonight once again. Not behind the plate again, thankfully, but he’ll be there again soon!

Seams Legit

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