Dark Trinity: [Spoilers] Deadpool 2 [Spoilers]

Same drill as Infinity War. If you haven’t seen it yet, do not scroll down.

Non-spoiler review: As a frame of reference, I loved the first one and loved this one, too.

Scroll further at your on risk.







Here come the spoilers . . .



I’m still in shock!

They go and build up this Peter guy and give him less time than Mantis had in all of Infinity War. There was a clip in the trailers of Shatterstar fighting and they didn’t even use that.

Who cares though? Right? Shatterstar, dead. Peter, dead. Vanisher, WHO WAS PLAYED BY BRAD PITT, dead. Zeitgeist, dead (which is fine with me, really). Beldam, dead.

Seriously, how can you kill off TERRY CREWS like that?

Yeah it’s funny, but I was excited about introducing more characters.

And I’m sure some of them are safe since Deadpool went back and “corrected” the timeline in the post credit scenes, but I would’ve like a little more of them besides them dying, as funny as that was.

Seriously though, this movie was a home run.

Humor was right where it needed to be. Though I still kind of think the first one was funnier. Once I see it again I think I’ll have a better idea. I give it an A- (compared to the last one. Gets an A compared to everything else.)

The action was far and away better in Deadpool 2. The opening scenes. Domino’s first action scene. Cable and Deadpool v. the Essex School weirdos. Colossus v. Juggernaut.

The action only got smoother as the movie went along. Hard to pick the best scene, but that’s a huge compliment to how everything was done. Honestly, it gets an A+ for the action. It wasn’t like Infinity War, but those are completely different movies. With the amount of character you had, this is the most action you could have — and it was a smooth as it could be.

The characters were great.

Deadpool is Deadpool. Same thing with Weasel, Dopinder and Blind Al. Love ’em all.

Cable was perfectly done. Now I don’t know Thanos that well from the comics, but I KNOW Cable. And NO ONE could do Cable better than Brolin did.

Brooding. Laser focused on the mission. Not entertained by Deadpool’s antics. Everything that makes Nathan Dayspring Summers what he is. Very pleased with Brolin.

Domino was a little different from what I’d seen in the comics. In the books, she’s Cable’s number 1 in the X-Force. She’s down to business, as well as mysterious and distant. Pretty much a bad ass.

I’d say she’s a little mysterious here, but the writers couldn’t really develop that aspect of her much with how they utilized her.

That being said, I LOVED the character. Because she’s not all that well known, you can afford to mess with her a little bit. And they gave her this, “I know I’m bad but it’s not a big deal,” kind of feel and it worked very well. Very impressed by Zazie Beetz.

Juggernaut was a great addition. Russell worked in his role. Negasonic Teenage Warhead brought her game again. Yukio was funny.

Colossus though…that dude’s stock went THROUGH THE ROOF. So much tougher in this movie. Far less rigid — and I mean that in every sense of the word.

Colossus was practically worthless in the first movie. THIS is what I expect from Colossus, at least in terms of fighting, EVERY time.

Characters deserve an A+.

The plot was pretty good. Nothing overwhelming. Honestly, that’s always the weak point in these movies. But the dialogue and the action is so damn good that it’s essentially irrelevant. I felt the first one had a B- plot. Deadpool 2’s was probably an even B.

I give this movie an A. Very rewatchable. Can’t wait to see it again.


Comic Book of the Week

The first issue of the 3-issue X-Men Wedding Special mini-series with Kitty and Colossus came out last week. I haven’t been reading X-Men Gold at all, but this is essentially a pause in the action where anyone who’s familiar with the characters can hop right in.

If you want something kind of light and quick, maybe a change of pace, this is for you. Also, looks like we’re going to see pretty much all the characters we know and love (that are currently living) in an environment we haven’t seen them in (or at least I can’t recall having seen them in, not sure when the last wedding event was).

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