Seams Legit: Can what happened between the Cubs and Reds be defined as an actual “fight”?

If you search “cubs reds fight” on Google, links to Saturday’s incident will come up.

But anyone who watches this doesn’t actually think this is a fight right?

I lived in the Midwest for an extended period of time, and I’m pretty sure no one from there would call THIS a fight.

Their idea of a fight is A.J. Pierzynski v. Michael Barrett, 100%.

An all-timer, no doubt.

Going back to Saturday’s middle school dance gone awry, as media entities you can’t treat this like it was a real fight.

No question that tempers flared. Javier Baez did look like he was going to ax someone with his bat — that was a little scary. But then you have Amir Garrett acting like he’s frigin Scrappy Doo…


Spare me. You wanted no part of that fight, Garrett.

Anyways…this could turn into an actual fight sometime soon. Hopefully it does. Would be nice to give Reds fans something besides Joey Votto that they can actually cheer about.

Seams Legit

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