Seams Legit: Any chance NBA refs could be a little less obvious than they were in Game 3 of Celtics – Cavs?

No questions asked, the Celtics did not look good Saturday. Defense was an abomination, so disjointed. Offensively, they laid down more bricks than the third little pig.

Pretty much no matter what, they lose this game.

BUT, the NBA refs had to be absolutely certain there was at least a Game 5 guaranteed.

Whatever your conspiracy theory is, you’re entitled to it. Personally, I just think it’s as simple as the NBA wants more games to make more money. It’s always felt like their MO.

That’s the thing about it though, EVERYONE knows the league’s refs will come in and extend the series when it’s needed. And it’s getting to the point where the league is pretty much sacrificing the quality of its product just to make more money.

And I KNOW the NBA is a business. I’m not that naïve.

But at what point will people think: “You know what, this team is up 2-0 in the series, there no point in watching this game because the other team will win the game.”

When that happens and the ratings suffer, the league will make a change. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that will ever happen. People don’t care THAT much. They’d rather just watch and complain later.

And I’m no better. I watched the game until halfway through the fourth.

For all the crap I’ve given NHL refs about faceoffs and other calls, the NBA has a knack for reminding me pretty quickly that its refs are far and away the worst in the 4 major professional sports.

Seams Legit

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