Seams Legit: Apparently Robinson Cano’s PED use wasn’t a secret

First off, I know he’s a former Yankee and works for ESPN as an analyst now, but is Mark Teixeira someone people want to hear on the radio anymore? One word I wouldn’t use to describe him is “relevant.” And He’s a WEEKLY SPOT on The Michael Kay Show.

What do I know though.

Anyways, Teixeira made some news on ESPN New York afternoon drive show when he said he wasn’t surprised about Robinson Cano getting popped for disobeying MLB’s drug policy.


Kay: “Now when you say you’re not surprised, did you suspect it with him?”

Teixeira: “Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to get into too much detail, Michael. I love Robbie. I mean, but, yeah, I’m just not surprised. I don’t really want to go too much further. But I think a lot of people are kind of saying the same thing. Cash kind of…he had to catch himself in an interview a couple days ago. But, yeah, I’m just not surprised.”


So Teixeira knows more about the situation, but he won’t talk about it further. You have to wonder why he won’t provide additional information.

I don’t think he used PEDs or anything, not at all what I mean. But he has to know who else used PEDs on the Yankees besides Robinson Cano. Likely a guy, or guys, who were never caught, though that doesn’t really narrow things down at all.

We’ll probably never hear anymore information from Teixeira specific to this, though he did add this:


“…they have guys in the hall of fame that never got exposed…”


Not exactly groundbreaking. But every time I hear someone from the steroid era – especially someone who was pretty good – say something like that, I wonder if there are guys we’re missing outside the obvious.

I don’t think there were any Dee Gordon’s back then, but there could be someone no one expected from that era.

As for the guys who play today, well it’s nearly impossible to figure out who’s on something or not.

Seams Legit

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