Seams Legit: Licking faces in the NHL might be crossing a line, but Marc-Andre Flurry proved that tickling another player’s ear is still fair game

Never in my life did I think I’d ever use “tickling” in a headline.

Yet here we are, thanks to Marc-Andre Flury, who has to act like a child out on the ice! There are adults out there trying to bash one another’s teeth in and he’s out here going after Blake Wheeler’s ears while he’s pinned up against the goal.

I know it’s not exactly the same, but if I was in the backseat of a car and gave the person in front of me a wet willy, that warranted being spit on. (Seriously that happened once.) And from everything I’ve heard now, I should consider myself lucky that no one licked my face as retribution.

Anyways, I was listening the NBC’s 2nd intermission breakdown and they asked Mike Milbury what he would’ve done had someone done that to him back in the day. Of course he acted all tough about it.

Good for Milbury. I’ll tell you what, no one’s going after his ears at the NBC studios. They know better.


Seriously though, God forbid these guys have fun on the ice, or do little things to annoy each other. Keep in mind, too, no one’s getting hurt, but everyone’s still very much entertained.

Let the players do their thing. If anyone really has a problem they’ll fight each other over it.

Actually, maybe that’s what the fight at the end of the game was about…

Seams Legit

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