Seams Legit: Tyronn Lue complains about Celtics on-court behavior after J.R. Smith shoved Al Horford from behind

Here’s what Lue said after the game:

“We gotta be tougher. I think, um, they’re playing tougher than we are. We see that. They’re being physical. They’re gooning the game up. And we gotta do the same thing. We gotta tougher mentally and physically.”

Yeah, Marcus Morris has been chippy all postseason, but that’s who he is. Doesn’t mean Tristan Thompson has to clap back.

Same with Marcus Smart, as if everyone didn’t know that already.

More importantly though, how can you complain about ANYONE when one of your players is doing something like this?

Maybe Lue was too busy getting water for LeBron while he figured out what else he could possibly do to give the Cavs a fighting chance against the Celtics. Clearly 42 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds doesn’t cut it these days. WAKE UP LEBRON.

Seriously though, I cannot believe how awful this team is. Usually any team LeBron is on just follows his lead and puts together a good enough night that LeBron has a fighting chance to be the difference.

Apparently this team is THAT bad though.

I mean, if you’re starting J.R. Smith, how good can you really be? Zero points for him, by the way, in the 107-94 loss on 0-7 shooting. He shoved Al Horford though, made sure to get that one in and get his point across.

But I’m sure Horford did something to the deserve that. It’s like Lue said, the CELTICS are the ones “gooning the game up.”

Seams Legit

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