Seams Legit: Charles Barkley once again proves great athletes aren’t necessarily very athletic

I’m honestly not sure what’s worse, Charles Barkley’s golf swing or his throwing mechanics.

And I saw on Twitter — I think in the “moments” section — that someone speculated Barkley has never thrown a baseball in his life.

Sadly, that’s not the case:

And this one is more astonishing. You’d think he’d get a few warm-up throws in with a player or coach before the game. It’s not everyday you get to play catch with Charles Barkley.

Though now I understand why someone wouldn’t necessarily jump at the opportunity.

You’d think he’s thrown a baseball pass in basketball once or twice in his life. And I think everyone knows those aren’t THAT much different where he’d pass a basketball like that.

Someone’s gotta give him the heads up though. Maybe suggest trying to throw left-handed?

Doubt he’ll listen though. Clearly hasn’t heard any advice he’s getting on his golf game.

Seams Legit

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