Seams Legit: States can now legalize sports gambling thanks to the Supreme Court

What’s next? Are they going to legalize drinking?!


Wait, it’s OK to do that now, too? Ohhh right, right, they legalized that again back in FRIGIN 1933!

Can’t say that I’m someone who necessarily cares if people are legally allowed to gamble or not, but why has it taken until 2018 for this to be OK’d?

Yeah, yeah it can become a terrible addition that ruins lives, I get it. But doesn’t the scandalous nature of it being frowned upon add to that addiction anyways (not that I’m a psychologist).

Something tells me though this will get taxed very heavily so either the state or the federal government is allowed to get its cut. That’s how these things usually work.

The gambling was already going on everywhere with all these sites popping up (again, I SWEAR I’m not a gambler) so the government sees there’s money to be made, so why not get a piece of the pie?

And now some of these fantasy sites — i.e. DrafKings — will get in on that side of the business, too. I’m sure it’s not as simple as “I want in, now I’m in,” but, again, why wouldn’t they get involved. Their brand is already one of the biggest, if not THEE biggest, in the fantasy industry.

It looks like this could work out well for a lot of people.

Why again was this illegal for so long?

Seams Legit

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