Seams Legit: For some reason everyone was shocked by LeBron’s Game 1 post game press conference

Did people think LeBron was actually stupid or something?

I may criticize the man like most others, but like I will give him credit when it’s due, just as I would with anyone else. And as much as he got lit up by the Celtics in the series opener — he’s not even remotely worried though — the King showed off his brilliance in the post game press conference.

Before we address LeBron, yet another question that could have been phrased MUCH better.

Like maybe ask, “LeBron, what was it the Celtics were doing so well or you guys were struggling to do, that allowed them to go on that run in the fourth quarter?”

I honestly don’t think I even phrased it perfectly, but it’s good enough that you get the point easily.

LeBron, answered her question though, in fairness. She asked what happened and he gave her the play-by-play with a little analysis — which was better than what the actual ESPN announcers brought to the table.

Now there are A LOT of players who remember an immense amount of detail in a game. I can think of specific baseball and football players who’ve remembered at-bats or plays against certain guys date back over a year prior.

Don’t get me wrong, I remember a lot weird details from games and at-bats from when I played, or from games I watch now but some of these pro athletes are next level.

LeBron — and this should be to no one’s surprise — is next, NEXT level with this stuff.

You can’t be THAT good at any level on just commitment you the physical side of the game.

He’s evolved and reinvented himself in some ways. Some of the plays he’s able to anticipate aren’t just instinctual, gut reactions. The man knows who he’s playing against and knows how he can stop him.

And again, none of this stuff should surprise anyone.

I get he didn’t go to college, but he’s obviously not a dummy. LeBron may say dumb things out of emotion, but he’s generally well-spoken and has clearly made GREAT decisions in the investment world — and I get he’s probably had help, but I’m PRETTY SURE LeBron has final say on all his financials, too.

As smart as he is, though, I’m not sure if he can make up for his inept supporting cast in this series with the Celtics. They really look THAT bad.

Seams Legit

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