Dark Trinity: Deadpool 2, James Gunn v. Batman, no more Flashpoint Movie and more…

The only thing that may end up being better than the promotions Fox has done for Deadpool 2 is the actual movie.

Generally I have reservations about this much promotion with a movie. You wonder if they’re showing all the great parts in these brief promos and maybe even giving up the plot.

Could not be less worried about that with this movie. Honestly, the plot is only so important with Deadpool. I wouldn’t say the first movie had a stellar plot to be honest, but it is one of my favorite movies, EVER. One of those movie you can re-watch countless times.

Seems like we have an idea of the plot, maybe even 40% of it, but that doesn’t matter. The dialogue and action that gets us there is all we care about with these movies. The plot’s almost a secondary piece with these movies. Gives us some direction, and a spot where you can start and end.


People were actually upset James Gunn said he’d kill Batman?

What is wrong with you people?

I’m not mad, but let’s be real: no one kills Batman.

Not Thanos. Not Superman. Certainly not James Gunn.

That being said, you gotta love the Heath Ledger Joker-level ambition out of this guy. Plus, he’s done some of the best work in the MCU so far, and that’s saying something.

So get OVER yourself people. Let the man dream and get in line.

He’s certainly not the only one who wants a shot at Bruce Wayne.

Little do people realize there’s already a group of people killing Batman. They go by the name “Warner Brothers”.

Flashpoint’s not happening anymore

Speaking of those monsters at Warner Brothers, it looks like the guys in charge want to make the first movie centered around the Flash just a Flash movie. Not Flashpoint like we all had been hearing.

That’s a GREAT IDEA. Let’s not use one of DC’s greatest story arcs to get the DCEU back on track and clean up everything that got screwed up before.

No one’s EVER done that before with comic book-related movies, so that could NEVER work.

Let this serve as your weekly reminder that the DCEU will NEVER catch the MCU. (EVEN THOUGH THE ACTUAL COMICS DC’S PUTTING OUT RIGHT NOW ARE AMAZING.)

The original Iron Man suit is missing

You know this is a BIG DEAL when CNN is posting about it.

That’s the world we live in though, can’t even trust people to not steal fake, advanced technology.

If you have any information on this stolen item, please let me know. Because I want it for myself.

Comic Book of the Week

Surprise, surprise, this week it goes to Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Jason’s part in the issue was good, but I think what we learn about Artemis in the issue is more interesting. Scott Lobdell has really done a great job with her.

I also should add that Dexter Soy is the only person who should every draw Red Hood. It hadn’t really hit me until this issue — though I’ve loved his art since the first Red Hood and the Outlaws rebirth — but this guy is legit.

Funny thing is, I followed him on instagram because I’d seen some of his own personal drawings of Red Hood and had no idea he was actually drawing Red Hood in the comics. I just thought he was a damn good artist who drew an eerily similar Red Hood to the current depiction.

DC need to keep him and Lobdell on this project forever.

Seriously, never let them leave.


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