Seams Legit: Friday night was a house of horrors for MLB hitters

What else do you expect when you’ve got Max Scherzer, Chris Sale, Justin Verlander and Jake Arrieta all starting in the same night.

I’ve never heard of any pitcher doing anything like this over the span of two games. Maybe Max Scherzer’s actually what the robots these idiotic scientists are creating turn into in the future, and Scherzer traveled back in time to become a MLB pitcher. Don’t laugh, I’ve heard of crazier premises.

And it would explain his absurdly uncomfortable delivery.

I have NEVER seen a hitter take a swing like that. That’s about as close to literally being a “back foot” as you can get.

Sale went on to strike out 15 batters in 9 innings. If not for one home run — or maybe some more run support — this game ends differently.

Two of the nastier hooks on the night courtesy of Arrieta and Verlander. I love seeing two of the game’s best still using curves in an era where sliders have taken over.

Here’s another sick one from Jameson Taillon:

Here’s a slider that rivaled Sale’s slider, via Reyes Moronta:

But THIS was the pitch of the night. Courtesy of Kelvin Herrera

That’s Edwin Encarnacion hitting by the way. You don’t need tunneling or any calculated approach to make a hitter look stupid on a pitch like that.

Seams Legit

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