Seams Legit: “Trade Kyrie Irving” talk, fine…”Kyrie is irrelevant” talk…what?

Has everyone already forgotten how good Kyrie Irving was in his first few games with the Celtics?

After his first few games it was clear he was a can’t-miss talent and one of those players who can create a good shot for himself when the Celtics need it.

Again, he can CREATE the shot, not just take it. Anyone can do that and make those shots 35-42% of the time. But Kyrie gives himself a legitimate shot at a good look.

I get it though. Terry Rozier has blown everyone’s mind since Kyrie went down. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Al Horford have all played, too.

Bring back a hopefully healthy Hayward and this team can afford to dish Kyrie for another top-level talent. The Celtics should get more of a return for him than Rozier. Plus there are less health concerns with Rozier than Kyrie. And without question there’s a justifiable concern with Kyrie’s knee going forward.

It’d still take A LOT for me to be on board with it, but I understand the motivation behind it.

That’s not what I’m addressing though.

This, this idiotic tweet is what I care about right now:

So Kyrie is non-essential personnel. That’s EXACTLY what Nick Wright’s saying.

Based on what? Your nerdy analytics that you spend more time reading than watching actual games?

Or is it the fact that a LeBron James-led team is somehow back in the Eastern Conference finals? Yeah the Cavs suck, but I think we’ve all established the rest of the Eastern Conference is smoke and mirrors after the Raptors just bent the knee to LeBron last round.

And even though Brad Stevens isn’t this year’s coach of the year — which makes absolutely zero sense — he’s show he can turn a little into a lot.

Here’s the only scenario where I agree with Wright’s comments: the Celtics take a healthy Warriors or Rockets to a Game 7. Because you get to a Game 7 in a series against either team and you’re one play or run away from winning it all. Or one player, which could be Hayward or Kyrie.

That won’t happen.

I’ll honestly still be shocked if the Celtics beat the Cavs. They’ve been a surprise, no question, but if LeBron’s not facing a set of bonafide studs, he still has the advantage over the course of seven games — strong supporting cast or not.

The C’s will be loaded with bonafide studs next season, but these young guys haven’t faced this type test yet this postseason. The Bucks were disappointing. The 76ers were CLEARLY overrated.

That’s not taking away from Boston’s run. It’s more an observation that their next obstacle is unlike anything else they’ve seen this postseason. Something they won’t be able to overcome without Kyrie.

Seams Legit

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