Seams Legit: NBA Coaches select Dwane Casey as their coach of the year, the Raptors then fire him two days later

My very first thought on this: what does this say about the rest of the NBA coaches?

I don’t mean every other coach in the NBA should be on high alert because they could all go just as easily as Casey.

What I mean is, these guys look like even bigger idiots after picking him as the Coach’s Association Coach of the Year. That’s how bad these coaches really are.

Everyone and their mother knows the clear-cut choice was Brad Stevens. The man survived the Gordon Hayward tragedy and still got the Celtics in the postseason as the 2nd seed after losing Kyrie Irving.

But they didn’t want to give the young genius any credit. Fine whatever. Don’t you think you could’ve found someone better? At least someone who wasn’t open to getting fired.

And isn’t the whole thing always how the coach on the first place team never gets selected as the coach of the year? Or is that JUST the NFL?

I think it’s safe to say the N.B.C.A. Coach of the Year Award has never felt more meaningless than it does now. But they got their point across. Brad Stevens DEFINITELY wasn’t the best coach in the league this year, uh-uh, no way.

Seams Legit

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