Seams Legit: Ichiro reminds America he’s not interested in hero-worshipping

Peter Gammons made light of it in his article for The Athletic, but you can only soften “Who the f— is Tom Brady?” so much.

Brady could’ve just been curious about how Ichiro has stayed in such great shape even though he’s 44. Which is fine, Brady is in that business now, he should try to learn what everyone else is doing. And I feel like it makes more sense for Brady to ask than Guerrero, given Ichiro’s more likely to know who the hell Tom Brady is.

Good for Ichiro though.

Dude is a GOD in Japan. Why would he waste his time on anyone that doesn’t have an impact on his life directly?

Like most people, I’d pay to seen Brady and Giselle’s face when they found out Ichiro didn’t know who Brady was.

Willing to bet there was a “Who is Tom Brady? Who are YOU?” (But I bet Bill Belichick’s somewhere loving this.)

He’s Ichiro Suzuki. Japanese God. MLB All-Timer. And now, my spirit animal.

Seams Legit

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