Seams Legit: The Mets continue to struggle through May, to the point where the Reds’ official Twitter had to chime in

In case you missed it, the Mets, a Major League Baseball franchise, batted out of order. They’re not the first to do it fine. Pretty sure the Red Sox didn’t it last year at some point. Fine whatever.

But have you ever heard of a team doing it in the FIRST INNING? Haven’t gotten any update from Elias Sports Bureau, but I’m willing to bet this hasn’t happened in Major League Baseball — or Minor League Baseball for that matter — since the 19th century when they didn’t have lineup cards.

Can’t even remember that happening in high school or Babe Ruth.

The hits just keep coming for the Mets. And it’s gotten SO BAD that their opponents are chiming in:

And it’s not bad enough that the Reds — aside from pretty much just Joey Votto — are performing like a AAA franchise. This is the team the Mets just traded Matt Harvey to.

Way to look good in front of your ex, Mets.

Seams Legit

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