Seams Legit: James Paxton and Dylan Bundy could not have had more opposite outings on Tuesday


It’s almost be weird if you didn’t throw a no-hitter after something like this happened. Now it took about a month for James Paxton to actually throw said no-hitter, but what do you expect from a Canadian

Seriously though, outstanding night from Paxton. Aside from the no hits portion of the no-hitter, I’m most impressed by the 99 total pitches. Most guys can barely get through 6 innings on less than 100 pitches, never mind nine innings.

The Mariners made some HUGE plays to keep the effort alive (i.e. Kyle Seager).

But I wonder if Paxton looks back at those 3 walks and curses himself for missing out on the perfect game. Lord knows I would. Maybe not the day I threw the no-no, but definitely the next day.

Paxton also chucked some SERIOUS gas in the last batter of the night. It’s one thing to have something left in the tank, but 98, 100 and 99 on pitches 97, 98 and 99, respectively?

Well where the hell was that the rest of the game?

Proud night for a Canadian son, even though it was at the expense of Canada’s lone MLB team. Could’ve been worse though.

How? I don’t know, ask Dylan Bundy.

I always thought every pitcher’s nightmare losing complete control of everything. Not being able to through even your fastball down the middle to save your life.

I was 100% wrong. What happened to Bundy on Tuesday is every pitcher’s nightmare.

How’s 0 innings, 2 walks, 5 hits and 7 earned runs sound? Oh, and of those 5 hits, 4 were home runs.

In fact, he’s the first pitcher to give up 4 home runs in an outing and not record an out.


Bundy’s numbers weren’t that bad entering Tuesday’s game against Kansas City either. 3.76 ERA, 48 K’s and 11 walks in 40.2 innings. Fairly sufficient.

But I don’t know how you bounce back from this one. He could be scarred for a little bit. Can’t say I’d blame him.

Which is also why starting sucks.

Yeah if you’re Paxton you’re a boss for the next 4-6 days, but if you’re Bundy you start questioning every small life decision you make. To the point where you blackout deciding on the crunchwrap supreme or the quesadilla at Taco Bell, only to finally come-to in the middle of Wal-Mart, in fetal position, tears rolling down your eyes, holding a roll of Charmin Ultra-Soft in one hand and Charmin Extra-Strong in the other.

So, uhh, yeah…be a reliever if you have the choice. Because most of us are more likely to be a Dylan Bundy than a James Paxton.

Seams Legit

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