Seams Legit: Now we know the real reason why Tom Brady thought about leaving the Patriots

Dude is thinking about becoming a magician! It all makes sense now with the Alex Guerrero stuff and everything, yeah I totally get it now.

That’s the only reason he’d wear something this bizarre, right? Or does Brady actually think this looks good?

Or is this the stupid stuff people wear to the Met Gala because they’re so out of touch with reality?

Never thought I’d say this, but Tom Brady could actually learn something from Alex Rodriguez. You still look good while keeping the attention off you and instead putting focus on your date.

By the way, Seams Legit isn’t transitioning into a sports fashion blog — though it easily could with the name, just saying — but it’s impossible to ignore the two major fashion flops I’ve seen in less than 24 hours of one another.

Seams Legit

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