Dark Trinity: (SPOILERS!) Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILERS!)

Please, please, PLEASE don’t scroll down if you haven’t seen it. Leaving space between this text and the actual post so you don’t accidentally read something. Again, please don’t scroll unless you’ve seen it.

Really quickly…if you want the comic book of the week, this is a tough one. Rogue v. Gambit #5 and Deathstroke v. Batman #2 were both amazing. Get on the Deathstroke v. Batman train NOW if you haven’t. Rogue and Gambit paperback trade comes out in a month or two, WELL worth your time if you enjoy either character.

Alright, DON’T scroll anymore if you haven’t seen Infinity War yet.
















Greatest movie every.

No recency bias, I swear. Obviously an interesting storyline and strong acting are both important, but there are a few other elements I consider very important:


-Significant amount of well-timed humor

-Awesome fight scenes


-Insights some level of fear at one point

-One mind-blowing moment


Good Movies have 2 of these elements. Great ones have 3.

This one had EVERYTHING.

Piss you pants laughter. Glorious fighting moments. Heartbreak from start to finish, literally. Sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time. And I’d say there were two mind-blowing moments in this.

This movie never had those BS filler moments where you wondered “what are we doing here?” There was always a purpose. Every moment and character had some sort of role.

There’s just so much of it to unpack that you can’t go bit by bit like with other movies. So I’ll just hit on what I think are the bigger points


The most important and surprising part of the movie was obviously the ending. We’ve been told by the Russo brothers and the Infinity War screenwriter that “whoever is dead, is actually DEAD.” So you’re really going to kill off Spider-man and Black Panther, but keep Captain America/Nomad and Iron Man alive?

Call me crazy, but I don’t buy that. ONLY way they pull that off is they fill in those characters from their selves from another universe whether the opposite half of the population died.

But that seems like a hard thing to do right. Probably just easier if you let Tony Stark take the Infinity Gauntlet and bring everyone back.


Thor was the best character in the movie. Thanos is a great villain, but Thor’s kingly, pirate-angel presence permeated through the big screen as well as any performance I can recall. Chris Hemsworth has found his groove with this character and turned him into the coolest character in the MCU.


Which brings me to my next point: this movie showed why the DCEU could’ve worked. It’s too late now, Marvel put them in a bodybag. Someday they’ll comeback, but it won’t be for a while.

But Thor and Superman aren’t that much different in terms of power. Especially when Thor’s walking around with Stormbreaker. Thor wasn’t even close to being the most popular character at the start of the MCU. People wanted him to be because of Hemsworth’s rugged good looks, but Thor’s personality was to bland — more accurate to his comic book self. Now he’s funny, to go with his intimidating presence.

There’s no reason Superman can’t be that. The DCEU would probably be in a much better position if he was.


Now the worst character in the movie was Star Lord. Dude ruined EVERYTHING. As much as this path might be that 1 way in 14,000,605 that Dr. Strange saw work, Peter Quill pissed off the world with his irrational behavior. Which was very similar to what happened when he found out his dad, Ego, had killed his mom.

You’d think he would’ve learned from that experience.


If there’s one character who DEFINITELY isn’t dead, it’s Loki. That was a mirage that tried to kill Thanos. Loki’s done something like that before and you know he’s not laying down his life that quickly.


The team-up I never knew I needed was Thor, Rocket and Groot. More just Thor and Rocket. From the back-and-forth on the Guardians’ ship (FUNNIEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE), to the arrival in Wakanda, these three are both funny and relentless throughout the entire movie. Another Rocket moment I loved was when Winter Soldier pick him up and they paid homage to Rocket and Groot’s moment at the prison in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.


Thank you Marvel for making this the most amazing work of art ever. But if you thought the anticipation for Infinity War was through the roof, well you somehow managed to set the bar higher for the next Avengers.

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