Seams Legit: 76ers’ premature confetti overshadows Jason Tatum’s moment with Joel Embiid

All is right in the world again. Philadelphia sports fans are in shock, courtesy of Boston.

For all the hype Ben Simmons has gotten for being this “can’t miss,” rookie talent he’s been pretty disappointing in the series with the Celtics. Yeah he bounced back in Game 3 after his unbelievably horrendous performance in Game 2, but for all the hype this guy gets, you would think he could actually shoot the ball from outside 7 feet. And that put back he missed at the end of the game last night, just gross.

But this is about the superior rookie in the series, Jason Tatum, and the guy who’s ACTUALLY the 76ers best player, Joel Embiid.

Specifically this moment that flew under the radar:

This kid is UN-REAL. You’re in hostile territory — which, in fairness, is probably hostile territory for 76ers players, too — fighting to win the ever-elusive road playoff game, nearly get form-tackled by one of the most talented big men in the game and have the gall to tell him, “you got lucky.”

Cannot wait to see this group go up against the Cavaliers. They’ve had nothing to lose this series, with everyone and their mother fawning over the “ahead of schedule” 76ers, yet they’e ripped off three wins to start, and essentially end, the series.

I can’t imagine they pull it off against Cleveland, but I’ll be shocked if they don’t push the series to at least 6 and be fighting to the end in 5 of those games.

This group WILL be the best in the East next year. It’s not even a debate anymore. I’m even convinced that when they get Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back that they could beat the Warriors and/or Rockets in the finals; but that’s for another day.

Seams Legit

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