Seams Legit: The Internet has once again lost its mind, this time thanks to James Harden and Chris Paul

Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of either player.

Feels like half the NBA’s fans love Harden and the other are on my side. Maybe 60-40, dislike-like. That’s definitely not the case with Paul. EVERYONE likes that dude.

And I think that’s a big part of why everyone’s losing their mind over the video:

Show me a person who says he or she hasn’t had an argument with someone they care about and I’ll show you a liar. This is VERY normal.

Let me paint a hypothetical for you.

We’ll say there was a play set on possession X, but Paul made a mistake. Let’s say he’s made said mistake multiple times recently. Harden has to be the one to call him out, unless Mike D’Antoni does it.

Say he does that and Paul puts up the fist-bump like he did jut to end the conversation. I don’t blame Harden for smacking his hand away (though I wouldn’t do that personally) because he’s trying to get a point across to Paul. A simple statement and a fist-bump isn’t going to fix it all. And if it’s been a real problem, Harden is doing his job to make sure Paul gets it right before they face the Warriors.

That’s one of many hypotheticals that could’ve happened, but you get the point.

Having said that, if I’m wrong and they actually hate each other…well, that’s TOTALLY fine with me, too.

Seams Legit

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