Seams Legit: The Dark Knight Collapses, the end of Matt Harvey

The Mets straight-up Baned Matt Harvey.

Don’t think for a second he’s pulling a Bruce Wayne and making “the climb” out of this prison he’s gotten himself into.

Cannot believe the stones on this guy. And that’s not even in the slightest bit a compliment.

I get saying “OK” to a demotion sets a bad precedent. But dude, you aren’t good anymore. You NEED to figure it out.

That’s Matt Harvey though.

And I WANT him to do well. I love good pitching. Give me a 1-0 frigin chess match where two dudes are dicing people up over a back-and-forth home run derby everyday.

So when the baseball gets a guy with SICK stuff AND seemingly flawless mechanics like Harvey, I’m all about him. I do not enjoy this, but he’s brought it on himself.

I remember when this guy became a star and every media publication came out with some cool Harvey story. It was great. As a fellow New Englander and someone who kind of liked the Mets growing up (thank you Mike Piazza) I could not get enough of Harvey when he burst on the scene. You add the Batman references and I’m DONE.

The one story that I can really remember — but can’t find, so no hyperlink — was one that I believe ran in Baseball America. The writer talked about Harvey being in the same recruiting class at North Carolina as Madison Bumgarner and Rick Porcello.

Imagine going into a weekend and facing those three horses.

Never happened though.

Bumgarner went to the Giants in the first round of the 2007 draft. Porcello obviously to the Tigers only a couple picks later, still in the first round.

Harvey didn’t get pick until the third round, by the Angels — which is still very, very impressive. Didn’t sign, went to college and it obviously worked out when he went in the first round of the 2010 draft to the Mets.

Now you look at their careers.

Porcello and Bumgarner have both been in the league since 2009 — they were in the middle of their second season the year Harvey was DRAFTED.

Bumgarner is a four-time all-star and, more importantly, has his three rings. Oh, and he’s the best postseason pitcher of this decade. In the conversation for one of the best every.

Porcello has a Cy Young under his belt.

Then there’s Matt Harvey with his 1 all-star in 6 seasons. Yeah it’s one more than Porcello, but I’m pretty sure a Cy Young award is worth like 5 trips to the All-Star Game.

Let’s be honest, from what we’ve seen when they are all on their game, Harvey has the best stuff. Thunderbolt fastball. 12-6 hammer. Bugs Bunny changeup. Can’t say it enough, mechanics were smoother than the tip of Brett Gardner’s bicked head.

I still take Bumgarner in ANY game. You look up “gamer” in Webster’s — go check, it’s definitely there — you’ll find a picture of Madison Bumgarner.

Based on what Porcello’s doing this year — looks even better than he did to start his Cy Young campaign if you can believe it — I think he’s made the case to be a legit number 2 on a very good staff. At worst a 2B.

But I’m sorry, in terms of stuff, Harvey wins.

Having said that and looking back at the college dynamic with the other two, I wonder how much of this is on Harvey.

You hear the rumors about what he’s like as a person, the partying and whatnot. Then he handles the move to the bullpen poorly. Now THIS.

Just leads to wonder whether all the adversity this guy’s dealt with were things he brought on himself.

Actually, what am I saying? “Wondering” is pretty much out the door for everyone at this point.

And so starts the Matt Harvey redemption tour. I doubt it works out well for him. More importantly, I doubt anyone will care after his first week with a new organization.

Seams Legit

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