Seams Legit: Which NBA superfan had a worse day, Kevin Hart or Drake?

This is kind of an apples to oranges comparison the more I think about it.

Kevin Hart was in full “you gon’ learn today,” mode, walking around like he was a full 5’5”, only to shrink back down to his true 4’9” when his 76ers blew their gigantic lead against the Celtics.

Drake…well…that dude straight up lost his mind. To the point where the NBA has reportedly warned him that his behavior towards Kendrick Perkins was unacceptable.

Weird, I didn’t think confronting a player in a NBA game would be a problem. But apparently that’s not something you want from a guy who’s been names the Raptors’ “global ambassador”. (Seriously? A global ambassador? You’re a basketball team, you’re not CHANGING the world. Take it easy Toronto.)

Again, totally different issues here. Really nothing wrong with hart’s behavior in the grand scheme of things. Drake looks like a big baby, to put it mildly.

Winner (or I guess the loser, technically) is Drake, even though Kevin hart got torn apart pretty good by Celtics Twitter:

Seams Legit

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