Seams Legit: Jacob deGrom pitched an inning after hyperextending his arm while hitting, and it looks like he’s on the shelf for a bit

Something this stupid could only happen to the Mets. It’s not bad luck. They aren’t snake-bitten. They are just the Mets.

deGrom has been CRUISING this year. 1.87 ERA, 54 K’s and 11 walks in 43.1 innings. And this kills me because he’s one of my favorite guys to watch (right there with Madison Bumgarner and Corey Kluber).

And I’m sure there will be some idiots who chirping, “this is why pitchers shouldn’t hit!” No, no, this is why you don’t play for the Mets if you want a long an healthy career.

So now he’s out for four starts. NO SHOT. I’m not questioning Kristie Ackert’s reporting or how well informed her source was on the situation. Not even questioning the doctors that looked at deGrom.

Remember, we’re talking about a very important piece for the NEW YORK METS. if something can go wrong, it will. Don’t be surprised if deGrom’s out at least double the originally estimated time.

My main concern though if I’m a Mets fan: what’s to say he can pitch well whenever he comes back? Never mind pitching to the level he has to start the year.

And one last thing, don’t be shocked if deGrom never swings the bat again. he’s either Bunting or taking the pitch, that’s it.

Seams Legit

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