Seams Legit: Ken Giles makes his case for a role in Fight Club remake after appearance against Yankees

I’ll give him this, Ken Giles landed more punches last night against the Yankees than Joe Kelly did in his fight with Tyler Austin. And I guarantee Giles won’t be suspended a game.

Just pencil him in now as the new Tyler Durden if anyone ever does a Fight Club remake. Or at least his stunt double, guy can clearly take a punch.

I’ve seen people hit themselves in the face before, but never on a stage like this. And people that do something like this in a semi-public setting usually show signs of having used a substance that MIGHT throw off their decision making.

But there’s nothing like a good hardo-reliever freakout to make everyone know you’re mad about how you screwed up. Really great for morale in the workplace. And I’m sure the manager will be VERY confident the next time he throws you in a tight spot.

Generally I prefer sitting in silence in a corner by yourself staring off into the abyss. Feel like it gets the point across without making a show.

Also, I’m willing to bet after his next save he lets out a big scream or an excessive sigh. That’s what guys like Giles do.

Seams Legit

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