Seams Legit: Bruins Twitter erupted after there was no slashing call of the Brad Marchand breakaway in the third period

Yeah…I’m no ref, but how the hell is there no slashing call on that play?

Look, you don’t want a ton of whistles in the postseason, no doubt. Especially in a physical sport like hockey.

But c’mon. Anton Stralman clearly smacks Marchand’s hands with his stick. Absolutely have to call that. Not because it was a tight game with 3:57 left in the game either.

It was just so blatant. And when you call the Bruins for THIS…

…but not the other way around, you look like ABSOLUTE TRASH.

Consistency. That’s all we want from refs is consistency. You can make bad calls, but consistently make them. I feel like that’s not asking a lot.

And if you searched “Bruins” on twitter after the game, there were a lot of people, even ones who have no shake in the game, that were losing their minds.

But I care more about the insane Bruins fans and what they come up with. Here’s a small taste.

Seams Legit

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