Seams Legit: Rajon Rondo v. Draymond Green is the only reason to watch Pelicans-Warrior

This has the potential to be more entertaining than Pelicans v. Warriors. Which, in fairness, isn’t not exactly saying much. Golden State could go into Game 7 and only play four players and it wouldn’t matter. We know who’s winning the series.

That certainty helps give “Rondo v. Green” life — especially since Rondo seems to play even angrier and better when his team is the underdog.

On the surface this seems like an odd rivalry. I use “rivalry” loosely, because any logical human being knows a real rivalry builds up over time, not in a 7-game series.

What’s weird though is you’ve got a point guard and a forward going at it. I know Green can cover almost any player in the NBA in some capacity, but it’s still not a matchup you’d necessarily expect.

I don’t care about who does better or worse, that’s not the point. What matters to me is these two have a collective fuse shorter than an average Pamela Anderson relationship.

And we got a little taste of the needling we’ll see from this two, with this moment in particular:

I know Rondo has created in-house problems pretty much wherever he’s gone, but I can’t help but appreciate what this guy does. No desire to make friends. Just wants to annoy the opposition a much as possible.

Maybe it’s to get an edge in the game. Maybe it’s because it gives him some weird thrill. All I know is, it makes a lot of people — opponents, reporters viewers — uncomfortable, which makes me happy.

This is a tiny example of what’s to come. After he does it enough, or if he starts doing it to other Warriors, Green will lose it.

And that’s assuming Green won’t do things to trigger Rondo, outside of playing good defense — which is probably enough to annoy Rondo, too.

Not sure that a fight will break out, but there’s definitely potential for a subplot that could add some life to this series.

Seams Legit

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