Dark Trinity: Avoiding Avengers spoilers on social media and Deadpool rejected by Iron Man

Social media is a NIGHTMARE right now.

I’ve put off seeing the movie just for the sake of this post. Absolute torture.

Can’t go on instagram because I solely use that for nerd news.

Twitter should be safer, but it isn’t. Saw someone mention two characters and I screamed on the inside and closed the screen. (Unfortunately I have to use Twitter for work.)

Facebook has be surprisingly fine.

But then I get an email from someone the other night with one of the characters being the subject. I read the first few words and think to myself, “what’s wrong with this human? They have NO IDEA if I saw the movie!”

If you’ve seen, don’t ruin it for anyone. If you haven’t, HURRY UP!

When I do post next week on it, I will have spoilers throughout. DON’T READ IT UNTIL YOU SEE THE MOVIE.


Deadpool denied by Avengers




Ryan Reynolds might be the best follow on Twitter. Not just for comic book fans, I mean everyone. So damn funny.

No shock though, Deadpool still isn’t an Avenger in the movies. He was in the comics, so it could happen some day.

Probably won’t. But a girl can dream.


Comic Book of the Week

Avengers #690 (No Surrender #16)


This was the final book in the 16-week event that my comic book guy thrust upon me. I’ve never been one to read Avengers stuff, but this was actually pretty damn good.

Looking at the series as a whole, you deal with quite a few characters that aren’t as mainstream. Some cool, some I could do without.

The series does a good job of developing a few characters, as well as adding multiple layers to the general plot. You go through roughly 10 narrators, who explain different elements of what’s going on through their experiences.

There are a LOT of questions you’ll ask throughout all this. But they’re simple enough and slightly annoying to the point where you think you know what’s up, but the writers don’t answer. And every time you think they’re about to, the turn away from it.

One thing I’ll say about the ending…




… it’ wasn’t that great.

Regardless, very good series. If you like Avengers you’ll appreciate this, and the new character introduced in the series. If you haven’t read much of them, take it from someone who’s in the same boat, this is as good a place as any to start.


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