Seams Legit: When Pablo Sandoval was in Boston he could barely throw to first, but now he can pitch?

The world is Pablo Sandoval’s playground.

Sandoval may have been a huge disappointment in Boston, but his life’s pretty good when you considered he got paid almost $50 million dollars to get out of town.

That also means he was THAT bad, but there are lot of worse that can happen to you in life beside getting $50 million dollars to not do your job.

For those who’ve lost track, Sandoval’s hitting .242 in San Francisco, primarily coming off the bench (remember they do have Evan Longoria starting at third). He also has 3 doubles, 6 RBI and a home run.

So he’s not exactly a fixture in the offense.

Which is why Bruce Bochy put him in the 9th against the Dodgers when the Giants trailed 15-6.

Now everyone’s freaking out over the hook he threw. Believe he looked pretty complete for a position player. First two pitchers were 82 and 84 MPH, but after that he was 87-88. For those keeping track at home, he was throwing as hard as the Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks and the Red Sox’ Drew Pomeranz. 1-2-3 inning.

Great, you had your day. Now — and this might just be me — you MIGHT want to spend more time working on hitting curves and fastballs instead of throwing.

Seams Legit

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