Seams Legit: Another MLB disagreement over celebrations involving Tim Anderson, this time with Salvador Perez

Can’t blame Tim Anderson for celebrating anything good that happens to him this year. Guy plays for the White Sox. Gotta give him SOMETHING.

But when he celebrated his leadoff home run in the game against the Royals yesterday, he pissed off some people. Most visibly Salvadaor Perez.

He said some words when Anderson scored. The when Perez reached second in the bottom of the inning, he and Anderson spoke again. Benches and bullpens came out. No punches were thrown though, so I don’t know WHY everybody felt the need to run out there.

Anyways, the weirdest part was they shook hands afterwards. It seemed like Perez initiated it because he stuck his hand out first, but apparently the second base umpire Jerry Layne asked them to do it. But Perez didn’t hesitate, which seemed to be a step towards the right direction, until he basically doubled down on Anderson being disrespectful to the Royals.

Definitely explained a bit better than others, but still, lighten up a little.

After listening to Anderson talk about it, I seem absolutely zero problem with what he’s doing. I wouldn’t celebrate every time like he does, but not everyone has to do it That being said, I think what Anderson does versus what Carlos Gomez is completely different. And I’m not sure that everyone else does.

If you listen to Anderson, he’s just happy to be out there and play well. If you watch that video in the article I hyperlinked above you’ll pick that up not only from what he says, but HOW he says it.

Gomez bat-flips singles. He’s made Sammy Sosa’s gallop seem mild. More importantly, he loses his MIND when he gets out. THAT’S the important difference. THAT’S someone who disrespect your team and pitcher, Salvy.

Gomez’s actions lead me to think he believes he should NEVER struggle against any pitcher. I’m all about unwavering confidence. All professional athletes need to have that. But when you show it like Gomez does, you make it seem like you’re better than.

Whereas Anderson is just excited for the big moments because he recognizes he’s fortunate to have any.

Keep the policing coming, I love the fights — though we keep getting these middle school screaming matches instead — but recognize there IS A DIFFERENCE in how some guys celebrate, frequency and timing within an individual game isn’t necessarily all that important.

Seams Legit

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