Seams Legit: So apparently Will Ferrell used to look like Blake Griffin

Scrolling through Tweetdeck and I see someone retweet Blake Griffin, who’s quoting a tweet. For those unfamiliar with Tweetdeck, you can’t always see images when they get tweeted out, especially when someone’s quoting a tweet.

So I have no idea what Blake Griffin is talking about.

I decide to click on it and THIS is what I see.


If Blake Griffin posted this picture and just said “Look at my dad being an idiot back in the day!” I would have believed him.

But it’s not his dad. It’s WILL FERRELL.

I’ve heard of not aging well, but this is ridiculous!

I mean, I can definitely see that being Ferrell. It’s just weird how he’s changed so much over the years.

Good luck wrapping your head around this one.

Seams Legit

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