Seams Legit: Thankfully, the first round of the NFL Draft is over

The hype surrounding the first night of the NFL Draft is unbearable.

Definitely has to do with the fact that it cuts into baseball season — in addition to the NBA and NHL playoffs. It’s the spring. Football takes place in the fall and winter.

I will say, the one thing I like about this time of year is all the idiots who think they’re capable of making these stellar predictions based on a couple highlight reels.

These coaches, if they’re any good, are looking at all the negative films, not just the good stuff. They need to know the whole package.

But we never see those clips. Yeah Mel Kiper or Todd McShay will mention some negatives, but they focus far more on the positive.

Honestly feels like practically every pick is a positive. If all these guys are good picks, why do so many not pan out? And why do so many teams in the league SUCK?

I get why it’s a big night for the franchises. The staffs invest a TON of time studying all sorts of video, interviewing players and hosting workouts. But do I need to see it on television? Isn’t that the whole point of Twitter?

Speaking of the cesspool of social media, some great stuff regarding the most overblown night of the year in America.


Goodell’s never heard of show prep

I mean…how can you not laugh at this?

Seriously. That’s the joke you come out with? Fire whoever your scriptwriter is because that was TERRIBLE. Talk about a reach.

Roger Goodell has absolutely zero feel, in addition to no sense of humor. Is he a robot? I’ll say this, public appearances like this don’t helps his case for being a human.


Worst Tweet of the Night goes to…Skip Bayless

Can’t say I saw every tweet pertaining to the draft, but I don’t think I had to after this one popped up on my feed:

I’m all for a guy analyzing someone without throwing out stats. But if citing 15 different types of war is one end of the spectrum, this is the opposite — and that’s a bad thing.

What does he do well Skip??

“Leader, hitter, baller.”

How do you know he’s a good leader?


I know the Ravens drafted a guy who used to play baseball, but I’m pretty sure everyone in the draft last night was a football player.

“Another great Bears linebacker.”

Oh great! Because the last great Bears linebacker won so many Super Bowls.


Baker Mayfield’s career is done

He’s on the BROWNS. What more do I need say?

And no, this isn’t an idiot looking at his highlights. I don’t care how good this guy is. He is now the quarterback for the Cleveland NFL team. He will show promise for a week, maybe two. Then he will suck.

Would love to be wrong for Mayfield’s sake, but we all know what’s going to happen.


Josh Rosen is the most miserable looking human being ever

LOVED this tweet from Adam Schefter:

So basically the Cardinals wanted three other dudes, including someone in the same draft as Rosen, but had to settle for him. Schefter made it sound a bit nicer, but we can read between the lines.

Normally I’d get behind a guy like that. Go out there and prove everyone wrong.

Except this guy, like Eli Manning, said he wouldn’t play in certain places.

Look as much as I dog Cleveland, if they said come play for us, or if the Miami Marlins asked me to pitch for them, I’d do it in two seconds. Just thankful for the opportunity and work to make the most of it.

Then I saw this guys face, which only furthered the narrative:

Can’t write a better caption that that.

Dude’s introductory press conference was way to aggressive, too. Kid’s already talking trash to NOONE. At one point he talked about “Faking a smile,” when he got picked. Damn dude, you got picked 9th in the NFL draft. I get you don’t want to be complacent, but saying something like this out loud comes across as ungrateful, not motivated.

And these comps to getting passed over like Aaron Rodgers, good God. Rodgers turned into a superstar. You’re telling me the same thing’s going to happen with Rosen that happened to Rodgers? YEAH. OK.

Have fun in Arizona. Hope he gets traded to the Canadian Football League for Johnny Manziel.


The one moment of the night I really enjoyed…

Tremaine and Terrell Edmunds were both drafted in the first round Thursday night. First time brothers were selected in the 1st round of the same draft believe it or not.

Yeah cool, whatever. Sometimes I get sentimental, sue me.

But I think everyone who watched Terrell’s interview after his name was called could understand why I appreciate that kid so much.

You’ve got a spoiled BRAT like Rosen who’s picking and choosing where he plays before he throws a pass in the league.

Then put him against Terrell, who mentions his parents, his town, his school and his brother. He even came clean mid-interview saying he was having trouble answering the questions because he was dealing with a lot of emotions.

That’s a dude who realizes how lucky he is. Doesn’t matter if you work your ass off, you aren’t entitled to anything. He knows that. Really hope he puts together a good career.

Never been big on the Steelers, but I might get myself a Terrell Edmunds jersey just because this kid is genuine and still loves what he does. Not something we see enough at these stupid drafts.

Looking back at it now, the moment was made even better knowing it was Ryan Shazier who introduced Edmunds to the Steelers.

Very special moment at an otherwise overrated event.

Seams Legit

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