Seams Legit: This player appeared in his first MLB game since 2012…I had no idea he was gone

It’s not Josh Hamilton. I feel like that would be the popular guess. No idea what’s going on there. He last played in 2015.

It is a pitcher and the last team he played for was the Atlanta Braves.

Still no idea? Yeah, I’m not surprised.

Time for the big reveal:

Yes indeed, Jonny Venters is back in the fray.

Oh, oh wait. You don’t know who Jonny Venters is? Huh, that’s weird.

Venters was one of two left-handed, late-inning relievers for the Atlanta Braves from 2010-2012. Eric O’Flaherty being the other to work alongside then Braves closer Craig Kimbrel.

Venters had a 2.23 ERA in his three years, posting a sub-2.00 ERA in his first two seasons.

Where’s he been this whole time?

Buried in the Rays organization, rehabbing, trying to get back to what he was. He underwent a surgery addressing a flexor tendon tear after already having had two Tommy John surgeries (addressing the UCL). Epitome of snake-bitten.

He signed with Tampa in 2015. Made five appearances in 2016 at High-A. And by 2017 he’d pretty much put in a full season at the minor league level.

He faced one batter, Chris Davis, in his return tonight and got him to ground out to third base.

I hope it works out for Venters, as much as I was being sarcastic. He easily could’ve quit after the second Tommy John, never mind the third surgery (which some label as a third Tommy John surgery, even though it was repairing his flexor, not the UCL).

Hopefully he gets a decent pay-day and/or another shot at postseason play. Which won’t happen until he’s finished with the Rays.

Seams Legit

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