Seams Legit: NBA is reportedly considering suspending Russell Westbrook for Game 5

You have to see the video first. It happens after the foul, right after the 30-second mark in this clip.

Raymond Felton obviously came in with the hard foul on Rudy Gobert and got him in the spot where no man likes to be hit. I don’t blame Gobert at all for being upset. A hard foul like that is fine — other than the very end it’s how it should be done — but you have to be a little more careful where you’re swinging those arms.

Gobert says something afterwards, fine no one blames you. Then he accidentally walks up to Russell Westbrook and the two exchange words. Not a cue what was said, not that important. Westrbook’s going to protect his guy and we all know he goes from 0-100 in a blink.

I’d say he reached about 50 when he slapped away Gobert’s hand — 50 on Westbrook’s scale. He then yelled across the court later when the teams were separated.

So you’ve seen the video and read what happened: anything here sound like a suspendable offense? Andy Larsen reported today that the NBA is actually considering suspending Westbrook over what happened.

Larsen explains the problem is his Westbrook entered the court. he was waiting to check-in. But was he waived on, or did he walk on *technically* to join the altercation.

I mean, are we serious right now? Is this town league basketball or the NBA. If he was waiting to sub-in, obviously that’s the primary reason he walked on the floor. And what Westbrook wound up doing was NOTHING.

I’d like to imagine the league that is most player-driven of all the major four American sports would suspend one of their top players, in the playoffs, over something this dumb.

Seams Legit

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