Seams Legit: Mike Francesa wants back in the game…and on WFAN again

That didn’t take long.

Most know Mike Francesa retired from the radio business at the end of the year last year. Well it’s April and Newsday (who I believe had it first), the New York Daily News and the New York Post are reporting he wants back in. And not just anywhere. He wants back in at WFAN, and both papers are reporting that he could be taking over the afternoon drive time again.

If this is all true, you can add Francesa to the list of sports-related people who just can’t let go.

This is the same guy who was caught sleeping — literally, I’m not joking — and wasn’t entirely caught up on who the new players were at times. (You can find examples of all this on youtube.) He’d run out of gas. It happens. Especially when you’re 64-years-old in a business that requires a lot of energy.

But seriously I don’t understand why he just CAN’T LET GO.

Enjoy retired life. Spend time with your family, or do whatever the hell you want. Just move on.

I’m no Francesa expert, but if I had to guess the one reason why he decided to come back, I’d bet money it had to do with his appearance on High Heat with Mad Dog (Chris Russo). Mad Dog has all the energy in the world, though he’s 58, and is doing very well still.

Francesa clearly had a blast when he went on MLB Network and I think he either, “remember why he fell in love with the job,” or doesn’t want Mad Dog to outlast him by such a significant margin.

All that being said, I don’t blame WFAN if they bring Francesa back. If it works out how he wants it to, Francesa would become an even greater radio god if he came back, was able to right the ship, and make the Fan what it once was again.

They could probably milk that for a year or two before people would get tired of him being tired again.

But you can bet there won’t be this crazy send-off like Francesa got last year ever again. That is something a person only gets once in a business.

Seams Legit

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