Seams Legit: Mark Cuban wants refs to make a change on a certain foul call

I feel like half the people who know Mark Cuban is love him and the other half hate him. Which is pretty much right where you want to be in this business, otherwise you’re essentially irrelevant.

Clearly the most outspoken owner in the NBA and one of the most in all of sports.

Now his boys down in Dallas didn’t exactly have their best season, finishing 13th in the Western Conference at 24-58.

So he’s stuck watching other teams play out the postseason while they try to get it together next year in Dallas. Cuban took to Twitter Monday night to weigh in on a call NBA refs tend to make:

He didn’t name names, obviously there are a lot of guys who do this in the NBA so doesn’t really matter WHO sparked this tweet from Cuban.

Point is I’m not really sure what he expects. Citing the screen makes it seem like Cuban thinks refs should call an offensive foul if an offensive player does this. Which doesn’t make sense.

Normally I’d have an alternate solution to something like this, and I tend to side with the defensive player on things, but this is clearly a grey area players have exposed. Honestly, I don’t think rules or the way it’s called should be changed.

You can’t make it a non-foul because then defensive players will abuse it. You can’t make it an offensive foul because you’re punishing a guy for making a good move.

I really think those are the only options and the current one is definitely the best. Only other thing I GUESS you could do is not call fouls when slight contact is made.

But NBA refs continue to prove on a nightly basis that they aren’t exactly great at what they do. So I’d rather not give them extra power.

Seams Legit

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