Dark Trinity: New Deadpool 2 trailer is the best yet, and Infinity War comes out this week…and James Cameron can’t wait for the Avengers hype to end

I’m starting with Deadpool 2 because I’m honestly more hyped up for this than Infinity War right now.

Both Deadpool and Cable have become two of my favorite Marvel characters through time, plus this has all the same vibes as the first Deadpool movie.

Though where to start is a bit more difficult…

Let’ go with Deadpool’s greatest line in the entire movie. Cable’s kicking his ass and demeaning him, saying his not a hero.

To which Deadpool replies, “So dark! You sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”

That’s either great improv or phenomenal writing. Either way, that has me all kinds of excited about what else Ryan Reynolds has up his sleeve.

He also made a Thanos reference at the beginning of the trailer, something tells me there will be at least 5 of those, plus other random MCU references.

The normal human, Peter, who joins the team at the end of the trailer, I can only imagine the abuse he’s going to take in this. Would not be at all surprised if he doesn’t survive the whole ordeal.

Reynolds also paid homage to his first major scene in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie when Cable shot him up at the end of the trailer at point blank range. He got the first one, but might’ve only blocked two after that. Fully expecting Logan shoutouts too, given the trailer opens with, “From the studio that killed Wolverine.”

Last thing on this is the confirmation of Bedlam, which already knew, and the introduction of Shatterstar.

Shatterstar is definitely not the a household name for the average, new-age superhero fan who’s only see the movies — because this is the first time we’ve seen him. But I’ll say this, he’s from the future, killer with his two swords and has the power to channel and generate vibrant shockwaves, in addition to having superhuman levels of physical and mental prowess.

Always seemed like a good complementary character when I’ve read him.

My only problem is his armor looks kind of brutal — especially for someone who’s supposed to be from the future. Hopefully that was intentional and Deadpool pokes fun at that.

Very excited for the new cast of characters, including Domino, who I’ve yet to mention. No doubt it will be great, I just wonder if it can top the original.


Avengers Infinity War

The time has finally come. Everyone gets to see the movie they’ve been waiting for a damn decade.

It will deliver, there’s no doubt of that. Marvel’s always had it’s act together, but Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok were next level films. Two of the best to come out of the MCU.

The question still remains though: who will die.

I’ve flip-flopped on this a few times, but my final picks are as follows:



–Captain America/Nomad




Everyone else will survive the ordeal. If I HAD to pick a fifth, it’d probably be Drax, given his history with Thanos and his importance with fighting Thanos in the comics. But I still don’t think that happens.

Regarding reviewing the movie, the Russo Brothers pretty much put out a mandate saying don’t ruin stuff for everyone, so I will give a very bare-bones review once I see it.

James Cameron isn’t making friends with the nerd community

The man is responsible for Terminator, Aliens and Avatar, but he’s getting tired of all the hype around the Avengers? Who does he think worships those movies? I’ll tell you: THE SAME PEOPLE!

Here’s the link from what I believe is the original story.

But this is the only part we’re concerned with:

I’m hoping we’ll start getting ‘Avenger’ fatigue here pretty soon. Not that I don’t love the movies. It’s just, come on guys, there are other stories to tell besides hyper-gonadal males without families doing-death defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process.

First off, “hyper-gonadal”? Really?

Anyways, if he didn’t say “Avengers” in there I would’ve thought he was talking about Terminator. That’s how dumb this is.

The hype’s not going anywhere any time soon. The characters are funny, emotional and give fans everything they’re looking for. Get over it.

I’m sure if they asked Cameron to hop on board to help with the upcoming project he’d be more than happy to help.

Oh and last thing, we’re not just watching male superheroes on the big screen anymore. Wonder Woman was a great movie and she was one of the reasons Justice League wasn’t a complete flop. Not to mention Gamora, Black Widow and Shuri among others.

People like these movies, maybe the rest of Hollywood should learn from that.

Comic Book of the Week

(Just a quick thing I hope to start doing every week. Nothing crazy. Certainly don’t want to spoil anything if you want to start reading a particular series. And they’ll be from the list of one’s I’m currently reading.)

The new Red Hood (Volume 3 Bizarro Reborn) and Deathstroke (Volume 4 Defiance) trades came out this past week. In addition to the Rogue and Gambit mini-series, they are my favorite comic series going right now.

Both Scott Lobdell and Christopher Priest are great writers and continue to churn out quality stories and banter. Well worth your time.

If you had to pick one, I’d say go with Deathstroke. I think it’s done a slight bit better. That’s being objective of course because Red Hood and The Outlaws is my absolute favorite.

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