Seams Legit: Jay Feely posts picture prom picture with his daughter and her date while holding a gun, says it was a joke

Here’s the picture in question:

I’m not a gun owner, nor do I plan to be, but this was OBVIOUSLY a joke. How many times have we seen something like this in movies or tv shows where the cranky, overprotective dad is polishing his gun when his daughter’s date walks through the door?

Will Smith MIGHT’VE taken it to another level in that scene, but isn’t that the whole point? And Feely is obviously doing the same thing.

I’m of the belief that if it wasn’t a joke, then he wouldn’t post a picture like this. That’s assuming Feely is a stable human, which doesn’t seem like a stretch.

But because there was some level of outrage, he issued a statement:

Another thing: this guy was a kicker! Only thing he’s probably hit in his life was a goal post.

Willing to bet this kid in the picture was intimidated by Feely because that’s his date’s dad. That’s just how it works. If anything taking a stupid picture like this might alleviate the tension.

Seams Legit

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