Seams Legit: Carlos Gomez with the bat-flip of the century after snapping his bat in a previous at-bat

Carlos Gomez is a nut. Dude does not care, he’s going to show his excitement or frustration.

Exhibit A:

He make that bat snap look easy, but I promise it wasn’t. That’s someone who definitely has some experience with snapping a perfectly good bat over his knee.

Pitchers can get annoyed with that just as much as pitchers. It’s yet another a sign of disrespect. The hitter is almost saying, “Why did I swing at that terrible pitch,” or, if they’re blown away or fooled by a pitch in the zone, “How did I miss that fat pitch?”

Gomez won’t get thrown at over that, but he won’t make friends. Not saying that’s right, it’s just how some guys think.

Here’s Exhibit B:

This…this is the type of celebrations that will piss someone off. Not a big Gomez fan, he’s a little bit to insane for my taste, but I LOVE this flip.

Aggressive. Emphatic. A nice punctuation.

I’d give it a 8.3 out of 10.

The dance or whatever that is at the end is alright. Nothing special

But breaking out the water coolers? Rays won’t have much to celebrate this season, and apparently they’re just as aware of that as the rest of us.

Seams Legit

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