Seams Legit: NBA mocked its players perfectly on National High Five Day

Real champions do all the little things.

That’s why Jordan won 6 and Kobe won 5 (plus the other great players on their team, I guess). Oh and the greatest champion in the history of team sports, Bill Russell, won 11 NBA titles, two NCAA tournaments and an Olympic Gold Medal.

Speaking of champions and the basketball, the NBA once again won Twitter on National High Five Day with this 43-second video:

Nothing better than self-deprecation. Particularly when someone is making fun of one of their greatest flaws.

Never understood the high five’s after free throws and I think most of America agrees with me. And I honestly think most players would feel the same way after watching this video.

Clearly it’s a thing guys just do now. I think if a few guys decided, “Hey, this is dumb, we should stop,” then everyone would.

Probably not going to happen any time soon though. I guess it’s really not THAT big a deal.

But the day a player stands up and say, “This needs to end right now,” he will have my support 100%.

Also, never knew there was a National High Five Day until I saw this video. I’m generally pro-high five, but this is stupid. Don’t know who established this holiday, but they probably should’ve been doing more with their time than coming up with America’s dumbest holiday.

And in case you’re wondering, no, I did not give anyone a high five on National High Five Day. All it takes is one person to start a movement…

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