Seams Legit: Justin Verlander verus…Tim Anderson

At first I didn’t get it either. For those who don’t know — because his team is already irrelevant — Tim Anderson is the shortstop for the White Sox. Decent MLB player, but nothing crazy. Off to a slow start this year, hitting .237. He does have 3 dingers in 16 games, which, if he maintains that rate he could finish with 30 if he plays in all 162 games.

Now that you know everything about Anderson, he and Justin Verlander apparently yelled at each other a bit last night.

So I guess Anderson had the White Sox’ first hit Friday night against Verlander. It came in the fifth inning when is was 5-0 ‘Stros, so you can imagine Chicago was feeling the pressure a bit.

Anderson get on base and takes second — only Verlander walked the batter on that pitch, so he didn’t get a steal. And if you watch the GIF above, you’ll Anderson was visibly excited.

Apparently that annoyed Verlander. (You can read his quotes in the link above or right here, on the Houston Chronicle’s site.)

Basically the gist of it was, Verlander wasn’t worried about Anderson anyways and Anderson was actually celebrating that he ran 90 feet, when he could’ve just walked had he been patient. That annoyed Verlander, which I respect. Hate when people celebrate or get angry over something stupid.

And no, this isn’t something stupid, it’s principle.

Later in the inning, Anderson tried to steal third like an idiot and Verlander pulls the old carousel and catches him in no man’s land. Then Verlander celebrated. Apparently Anderson said something back to him, though what he said specifically wasn’t told to reporters.

Actually, Anderson said pretty much nothing about the whole thing with Verlander to reporters. Smart move. He only would’ve looked more like a fool.

Displaying excitement in baseball is absolutely fine by me. You hit a dinger, don’t care if it’s 250-feet to right in Yankee Stadium you deserve to do what you want. (Might be a tick off with my measurements, that’s at least what it feels like at times.) You steal a base, do a damn backflip for all I care.

But this was just dumb on Anderson’s end.

THAT BEING SAID, not a big fan of the way Verlander handled it either. I respect being annoyed by that, but this is too stupid a thing to jaw at a guy about. It’s fine that he did something, but I guess it’s more that he turned it up a few too many notches.

I feel like that was more a laugh in your face moment when Verlander picked off Anderson than a yell at you while I walk away with my Cy Young Award, MVP and World Series Ring so we can finish this train wreck of a game off so I can go see my model wife moment.

But what the hell do I know.

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