Seams Legit: Gronk dirt-biking instead of going to practice

My guy Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston and other reporters were at Gillette for Rob Gronkowski’s press conference prior to Saturday’s Monster Energy SuperCross.

Everyone asked Gronk about his future and such, Phil made sure to video everything:

Good slip by Gronk. This is why he can’t act. Terrible liar.

If Vegas is taking bets on whether or not Gronk comes back this year, I’d bet that he does after see that clip. Seemed all to giddy to say “maybe” after his mistake. He knows he’s scaring everyone. At least he was, until now.

Clearly upset with Bill Belichick, too, if you watch that whole clip. Paused when his name came up and gave a Patriot-like non-answer.

And if he is in fact coming back that means Tom Brady should be back, as well. Because ESPN’s Jeff Darlington reported Gronk wants Brady there if he’s suiting up for the Patriots again this season.

Here are the other clips Phil posted:

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