Seams Legit: How is J.J. Reddick still in the NBA?

Scrolling through twitter during Game 4 of Bruins v. Maple Leafs and I see this:

Surely never would’ve expected a pass like that from J.J. Reddick. All the credit to him, great execution.

But then it hit me: how’s this guy still around?

Players adapt all the time, I get that. You work on your flaws, and eventually become a wily veteran that makes a living off the brains just as much as athleticism.

But hasn’t Reddick been one of the slower guys in the league since he started back in 06-07? (Yeah, he’s in his 13th year in the league, think about that for a minute.)

Whenever I’ve seen him this season, including this play, it seems like he’s actually gotten quicker, despite almost being 34-years-old.

In fact, his four best seasonal 3-point shooting percentages of his career have all been over the last four years (47.5 in ’15-’16, 43.7 in ’14-’15, 42.9 in ’16-’17 and 42.0 this season). He also had his third-best field goal percentage (46.0) of his career this season.

Oh and how could I forget, he averaged 17.1 points per game this year. Best average of his career.

Apparently Reddick’s veins are pumped with fine wine, because he’s only getting better as he gets older.

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